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Barcelona VisualSound

Barcelona VisualSound - Catalonia news

The Barcelona VisualSound is a young creation festival in the audiovisual field. It combines every type of activities related to the audiovisual artistic creation.

For two weeks, the different spaces that celebrate the Barcelona VisualSound festival host the Competition lineup and the side events. The second ones are for free, and they are open, informative and related to artistic creation’s events: meetings, workshops, talks, master classes, cinema club… In addition, of course, spectators can enjoy with the screening and voting of the different categories in the competition.


The organizers of the festival are local equipments from Barcelona (community centers, young groups…). This year the Casal de Joves Casa Sagnier was added to the organization, and it hosts one of the new contests.


But this 10th Barcelona VisualSound festival has more novelties. The dates have changed from winter to spring and the festival has 4 more days, so it now lasts two weeks. The categories of the Competition lineup changed, and there are new contests, like the mapping or “suecadas” ones.


If you want to be up to date with the latest audiovisual creations, go to the Barcelona VisualSound festival and enjoy with the works of the most talented young people!


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