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La Patum (Berga)

La Patum (Berga) - Catalonia news

La Patumis a traditional party which is celebrated in Berga, the capital region of Berguedà. Although the origin of this tradition has some religious connotation, nowadays Patum is about demonstrations and fire shows on the streets.

The starting point of this tradition is on Wednesday Corpus when some activities start like a passacaglia followed by a band streets full of musicians. At the afternoon, “caixes”, “maces” and “gegants vells” the traditional elements take the streets, especially the historical centre, and stop in front of authority houses.

On Thursday Corpus it’s celebrated “La Patum de Lluïment” a passacaglia with all the elements. All the neighbours go to the main square to see traditional elements like: “Turcs i cavallets” and “Maces de Sant Miquel”. “Maces” is a typical element which represents demons and they bring the fire into the main square.

On Friday morning is celebrated “Patum infantil de Lluïment” a kind of version for kids. “La Patumde Lluïment” is repeated on Sunday morning and the complete version of it on Sunday afternoon.


Photography: Manel Carrera Escudé/Museu de la Patum

Text: Mar Mampel


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