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Textile colonies in Llobregat

Textile colonies in Llobregat - Catalonia news

In the region of Bages (Berguedà) you can visit the famous textile colonies placed along the river Llobregat. Several paths and activities allow visitors to enjoy this group of industrial colonies built during the industrial revolution the second half of ninth century.

Textile colonies along Llobregat that can be visited are: La Rabeia, Colonia Soldevila, CalForcada, L’Ametlla de Merola, Cal Riera, Cal Vidal, Cal Marcal, Cal Pons, Cal Casas, Cal Prat, El Guixaró, Viladomiu Nou, Viladomiu Vell, Cal Bassacs, Cal Metre, La Plana, Cal Rosal and Amtella de Casserres.

Although in Catalonia the textile economy was especially important, the main industrial colonies weren’t constructed until 1858. The structure and his increase were similar in all the country: as a consequence of the construction of a factory, near of the river because it was his principal source of energy, it started the development of the colony. Workers bring with them his families and they live inside of the colony, that’s why in this early cities we can find schools, shops or cinemas.


Nowadays lots of these colonies are alive thanks to entities like “Consorcio Parque Fluvial” who organizes different activities like guided tours done by the neighbours in “la RutaCulturalla Almendrade Merola”, the mushroom market in Cal Rosal which is done every Sunday and a Popular Walk in Cal Marçal.


For the hike lovers there is a route which starts in Can Rosal (Navàs) and goes from north to south following the most known colonies. It’s about 18,5 km and has access to every colony.

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