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The Snail Festival

The Snail Festival - Catalonia news

With more than 30 years of experience, the Snail Festival is a success festival that has been converted in a gastronomic event. Since 2002 it’s considerate a Festival of National Interest for Tourism and Interest. In last editions, this festival was visited by miles of visitors and has generated a lot of groups related with snail sector.

The origin of this Snail Festival was in 1980 when the first festivities were organized by a group of friends on the banks of the River Segre and “Camps Elisis” in Lleida in order to eat the typical meal in this region: snails. Since then, this festival is being repeated one weekend every year in May. And it’s increasing, because since its first edition hundreds of people came to visit it.

Although the first meeting was informal and improvised it had a good reception by people there. It was organized by Jose Luís Gonzalez an UCD politician. Nowadays, Snail Festival has a solid infrastructure and a good organization capacity which makes this party a gastronomic event that can presume to have a good influence in his followers.

During the three days that takes the festival, visitors taste lots of different dishes made with a special ingredient: snail. But, there are also several activities for people who go to this gastronomic festival. Visitors can watch concerts, dances and open-air dances, human towers or competitions.


Photography: Fecoll/Julià Escudé


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