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Sheepdog’s contest

Sheepdog’s contest - Catalonia news

 This popular event is celebrated in different places inCataloniaandSpain, but the one of Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà) has a large trajectory. With the contest in Castellar de n’Hug, this is a very important contest and every year join a lot of people coming for all regions inCatalonia.

Contest structure

Following the sound and verbal orders of the shepherd, like whistles, the sheepdog has to follow a path delimitated between two lines of flags. It has to stop twice as the jury orders, collect the flock of sheep and take them as straight as it can into a circle in front of the shepherd. At that point, both flock of sheep and dog have to stay freeze a few seconds.

When the time is validated, the dog will lead the flock sheep through two doors situated at right and left of the corral. Previously, the dog and the flock of sheep have to reach a fence ten meters from the doors. The objective of this is to control that the flock of sheep doesn’t cross the test by habit.

In the second and last test, the sheepdog has to go directly to find the flock of sheep and try to put them into the corral. After the order of the shepherd the dog has to take them out. When all of them are out, the test will be concluded.

Text: Mar Mampel


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