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Peralada’s Castle Festival

Peralada’s Castle Festival - Catalonia news

The Peralada’s Castle Festival is a very important cultural event in Catalonia and every year for more than 20 years. It has been celebrated in the town that has its name, a region in Alt Empordà situated between Figueras and Costa Brava.

The main points of this culture festival are the gothic and Renaissance places which are used as stages for all cultural demonstrations. The main place of the festival, Peralada’s Castle, is a medieval complex that nowadays has Peralada’s Casino, two museums and wine cellars that produce Wines and Sparkling wines from Peralada.

His eclectic spirit has been kept by years with a varied repertory: recitals, symphony concerts, operas, theatres demonstrations, dance, jazz, pop music concerts and chamber music. These are an example of the activities that has the Festival.


The auditorium “Jardins del Castell” (Castle gardens) is the main hall in Peralada’s Festival. It is an open air auditorium with a capacity for 1.800 seats.

The “Iglesia del Carme” convent, built during the second half of XIV century, has the main chamber music and recitals. Nowadays, inside this gothic building we can visit the Museum of Peralada’s Castle and it has a capacity for 400 people.

Sant Domènec cloister is the only trace that remains of the ancient convent of Agustins order, founded in the second half of XI century. Nowadays, it is a part of the Cultural Information Centre in Sant Domènec.



Text: Mar Mampel


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