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Formula One World Championship

Formula One World Championship - Catalonia news

Formula One World Championship is a sportive event that every year demands the attention by million of travellers around the world. One of these circuits is situated in Catalonia, which is called Catalonia Circuit. Every year in this circuit there are several races like: Formula One World Championship, Moto GP, World Series by Renault, GT’s and the Spanish Championship of Velocity.

All motor lovers can visit closer the circuit and see the interior of it. The organization of the circuit has guided visits which show the complex, the races coordination, the control competition, mechanics job, and even it allows to access into the restricted spaces as podium, press hall or paddock.

For the most adventure people the circuit has a conduction program that allows every motor supporter to be a racer pilot for one day. Catalonia Circuit rent a group of GT cars and a team of monitors that guide the participant in the activity.

Catalonia Circuit is situated at only 30 minutes from Barcelona so that’s why lots of these events with an international impact make that lots of people come to see them. So it’s recommendable to plan your activities with some time before going to the circuit.  


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