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Äigüestores National Park

Äigüestores National Park - Catalonia news

There are a lot of resorts to visit in Catalonia, because of the great biodiversity that characterises this country. One of the most emblematic is Aigüestortes National Park, the only National Park that exists in Catalonia.

Aigüestortes National Park is located in four regions: Alta Ribagorça, Pallars Sobirà, Vall d’Aran and Pallars Jussà. The principal characteristic is his high mountains views, because the park has got peaks that are higher than 3.000 meters. It also has got 200 lakes and uncountable streams.

Some of these streams have specific features and that gives the name to the National Park. Lots of them are full of sediments, and in some places there are planes where the water, that come from the rivers, is been divided creating lots of very little streams which in Catalan are called “Aigüestortes”.


The national Park has two accesses, one of them in Vall de Boí (Alta Ribagorça) and the other in Espot where you can go directly to the Sant Maurici’s lake. For most adventurous people there’s also the possibility to take 4x4 taxis that take the people into the middle of the Park.

Once there, there are two routes that can be done:

“Camins vius” (alive routes) which surround all the Park crossing the villages in the place.

“Carros de foc” it’s a more difficult and complex route that surrounds the entire park in a circular way crossing some refuges. You must keep a good physic condition and it takes several days to be completed.

Leisure time activities

One of the possibilities is the MTB route, it starts and ends in Vielha (Vall d’Aran) and surrounds the entire park from the exterior.

Although bikes can access into the park, they cannot go into the meadows or places prepared for walk. That’s why it’s more recommended take a 4x4 taxi, which allows people to go higher than in bicycle.  

Cultural proposals

There are a lot of recommended proposals to do in houses and information centres, that goes from guided routes to courses and exhibitions. An example is the information centre of Romanesque churches in Vall de Boí and the Ecomuseum about Valls d’Àneu that shows to the visitants the way of life in Pallars.

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