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Chestnuts, panellets and sweet potatoes

Chestnuts, panellets and sweet potatoes - Catalonia news

Chestnuts wrapped in a paper bag and chestnuts vendors on the streets. Panellets in the shop windows of bakeries and warm sweet potatoes. At the table, a glass of muscatel. The castanyada is the most popular autumn fest in Catalonia; it takes place on November 1st.

It is said that back in the eighteenth century, with the purpose of remind the people about the need to pray for the dead, during the vigil of All Saints rang the bells of all parishes and convents. The bell ringer needed so much energy to put up with the effort that they began to eat chestnuts, the most abundant fruit in autumn, accompanied with white wine. The closest relatives to the ringers joined them, eating and drinking with them. The meal turned into a symbolic sense: the communion with the souls of the departed.


The properties of the chestnut are many. It is a fruit rich in vitamins, and high in energy. Its protein and fat content is much lower than other nuts. The sweet potato is known for its vitamin A, which preserves the immune system, especially in children, protecting them from diseases, such as measles, malaria, diarrhea and even blindness. The panellets, delicious typical Catalan sweets, contain high nutritional and energy value, because of its ingredients: almonds, sugar, eggs, peanuts, among others.




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